Upholstery Cleaning in Newcastle

Furniture is very critical in any home, as it the place where you sit back and relax. But using the furniture for long without proper cleaning tends to make them look dingy, affecting the appearance of your living room. Let’s save from all the embarrassment by hiring our upholstery cleaning services.

You see, our upholstery cleaners are trained well on how to handle and clean any type of furniture out there, and they will ensure that your furniture will look like they are new after they are done. We have exceptional machines and eco-friendly chemicals that we use to break down, encapsulate, and completely remove years of oils and dirt from the furniture. I can assure you that you can’t find another company in Newcastle that would match our upholstery cleaning services, in terms of the dedication to restore all your worn furniture.

For your understanding, here is how we clean upholstery: Basically, there are four methods that guarantee the best results. They include; foam, dry, cold water extraction, and hot water extraction – also known as steam cleaning. To decide on the best method to employ on your furniture, we will have to figure out the fabric used on your furniture, soiling condition, its age, and the date it was cleaned last.

Whichever method we decide to employ, the thorough hovering of the fabric is a must. Therefore, we will use pressure hoover fitted on the cleaning machines to get rid of the loose dust and dirt from the fabric.

If the fabric is dry clean only, then we apply foam or any other dry compound to agitate it for it to get ingrained into the fibers, where we then hoover it to remove even the dirt that has been attracted to it. And if the fabric can be cleaned with water, we inject water plus cleaning chemicals into the fibers using some of the best machines at our disposal.

But if it is wool or linen fabric, then we apply chemicals that wool-safe and water at 30 degrees. For cotton or synthetic fabrics, we use hot water and steam alongside chemicals meant to clean such kinds of fabrics. This is to say that your fabric is what informs us about the machines, cleaning methods, techniques, and chemicals to use on your upholstery.   

Trust us when we tell you that we will leave your furniture looking refreshed and revitalized. Also, you won’t have to give up on your sad-looking furniture if you hire us, as we will ensure that we will give every single piece of furniture a new lease on life. We are just a call away; just get in touch with us, and we will be there as soon as possible.