End of Tenancy Cleaning in Newcastle

As a tenant, you know how stressful end of tenancy cleaning can get. As in, you have everything scattered on the floor, the furniture looks dingy, and the carpet is even worse. And you are required to ensure that everything is left clean and hygienic so that you can get your deposit back. And the landlord wants it ready for the next tenant. It’s a lot of stress I tell you. But you shouldn’t worry, because that’s where we come in.

Our end of tenancy cleaning services helps you get the apartment into its rentable condition. We will clean everything, from the furniture to the carpets, rugs, and all other key surfaces that tend to harbor the build-up of germs and bacteria. Our cleaners are quite skillful, experienced, and have the knowledge to provide quick and efficient cleaning services. This way, you will be able to get your full deposit back, and the landlord will now have a ready-to-showcase apartment to the next potential tenants.

Moreover, we have streamlined our end of tenancy cleaning services to spare time for you to plan your next move. Our cleaning service helps you remove ingrained dirt, stains, dust build-up, impermanent discoloration, and fingerprints from the apartment, leaving it without a single sign of occupancy visible.

Our services begin at the top and systematically go through every cranny, corner, and nook where dust might settle, following a cleaning list based on cleanliness standards landlords and real estate agents are currently using when inspecting the apartments. We do pay a little more attention to the bathroom and the kitchen as those are the places where germs tend to thrive. By the time we are done, that apartment will be cleaner more than you found it when moving in.