Carpet Cleaning in Newcastle

With years of experience in carpet cleaning, we take pride in providing quick and effective cleaning solutions to Newcastle residents. Using the most appropriate carpet cleaning methods and chemicals, we are able to clean and restore even the dirtiest carpets to look as good as new. Let’s be honest here; the dirt in your carpet tends to get ‘comfortable’ – it has gotten used to the carpet fibers, and so does oils in the high traffic areas and also stains are everywhere. By this point, your carpet is already on a ‘stranglehold’ from all these spots. So our work, basically, is to get that carpet out of these hold.

We will start the cleaning process by spraying the worst areas of the carpet, trying to loosen up the grime and the dirt’s grip. We will then apply an oxygenated booster on the carpet cleaning solution, which will help in breaking up the dirt and the debris, detaching them from the carpet fibers. Thereafter, we apply an encapsulator, which forms around the broken debris, making it easier to remove, preventing it from re-attaching to the carpet again. Please note that all this is done with minimal water which ensures that it will dry fast.

Our carpet cleaners are trained on how to do all this, and some of them have been cleaning carpets for years now. So, this means that they all have the necessary experience to handle any carpet, regardless of how dirty it is. They are professional and super courteous and will do anything just to ensure that your carpet looks refreshing and that you are happy with the outcome. No carpet is too hard for us to clean; just get in touch with us, and let’s do our magic.