About Newcastle Carpet Cleaning Co.

We have experience in cleaning different fabrics under different properties and conditions. We can steam clean, dry clean, or clean with cold water any type of fabric out there, regardless of its condition and the date it was cleaned last.

All our fabric cleaning specialists, from the trainees to the experienced and the experts, are continuously subjected to different kinds of fabric cleaning just to ascertain their experience knowledge level, and to also prepare them for any form of cleaning our clients may require in the future.

This has enabled us to excel in every form of cleaning in our industry, and has also helped guarantee all our clients that regardless of the cleaner you book for your cleaning task, their work will be impeccable.

"Just moved into a new house, previous tenants had a dog and carpets had a horrible smell. This company came and did a fantastic job on the carpets and also my two-seater sofa and chair. Very professional and would highly recommend and certainly use again."

See, as a company, the quality of our workmanship enables us to give our clients the best, which guarantees their return. Also, the expertise and professionalism of our cleaners contribute a great deal to ensuring that our work standards are unmatched in the industry, helping us stand out from the competition.

Everything that we do is aimed at making sure that you, our client, receive the best carpet cleaning service, and that these services come with a certain element of uniqueness compared to services you would receive elsewhere. We operate round the clock, so you can get in touch with us at any given time and we will gladly help.