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#1 Carpet Cleaning & End of Cleaning Company in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England

We offer carpet cleaning & end of cleaning services in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England. We are a specialist in stain removal, rug & carpet cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning, deep cleaning and more. You’ve probably heard about us, as most of our clients are from recurring customers and repeat orders. These customers then recommend us to their friends, who, after seeing what we can do, then recommend us to their family and friends. Basically, due to the quality of service we provide to all our clients, the number of clients we’ve gotten from word-of-mouth alone is significantly high.

Our Services

carpet cleaning Newcastle

Carpet Cleaning

We clean carpets of any fabric, and our cleaners are trained on how to clean each one of them. We use the most effective cleaning chemicals and pet-friendly sanitizers and solutions when doing so. By the time we are done with that carpet, you can be sure that you won’t even recognize it as you won't see a single dirt or stain spot on it.

Rug Cleaning

We clean different types of rugs which include traditional hand-knotted rugs, handmade rugs, machine made rugs, acrylic rugs, wool rugs, etc. We can carry out this cleaning either in your home or at our facility – wherever you will find suitable will be okay with us. Using the best cleaning products, we will ensure that we leave no stain, and we can guarantee that you will love our work in the end.

Upholstery Cleaning

Your furniture being one of your biggest investments and the most used, sometimes it gets dirty. See, given that’s where everybody sits, where your kids play, where your dogs rest, they are bound to get dirty and to be honest, they are pretty tough to clean, which is why you need to have them professionally cleaned. Our cleaners have the relevant know-how when it comes to upholstery cleaning. Get in touch with us and let’s maintain your furniture.

End of Tenancy Cleaning

As a tenant, there comes a point in time when you will need to move. When this time, you tend to get stressed due to the number of things you are supposed to do – which is overwhelming at times. One of these things is to ensure that you leave the apartment as clean as you found it. This is a must-do if you are to get your deposit back, intact. Having said that, we will help ease your moving burden by taking care of the apartment. We will clean and disinfect everything in that apartment, giving you a direct pass when the landlord comes for inspection. Our mission will be to ensure that you will get your full deposit back.

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Commercial Cleaning

Dirt, and grime can build up so fast in a commercial environment due to the higher traffic usually experienced in those spaces on a daily basis. This also means that germs and allergens will also be in high numbers, posing a health hazard to everyone in that space. But don’t worry, we will vacuum the entire space for you. This is part of our job – ensuring that commercial spaces are safe for everyone using them. We want you to focus on running your business. Leave the hygiene aspect of your office to us.

Mattress Cleaning

There are over 2 million dust mites that feed on dead skin cells in our mattresses. Now, the mites’ dropping trigger allergies such as eczema and asthma. This means that you need to clean your mattress every now and then to get rid of these mites. They are super tiny and can’t be seen with a naked eye, so you can’t clean them by yourself. Why not let a professional do it? With years of cleaning mattresses, we will handle your mattress like pros. We will extract all the mites, ensuring that you will get a good and healthy night's sleep.

Why you should choose us?

  • Competitive pricing – our prices are super affordable as we have considered even those with tight budgets. They are competitive when considering the current market standard rate.
  • Short notice availability – as we operate throughout, we are able to send our cleaners on short notice when you are in a hurry.
  • Vetted & certified cleaners – all our cleaners are experienced certified professionals and are fully vetted and insured.
  • Proven professionalism – since joining this business, so many residents of Newcastle has trusted us with carpet and rug cleaning, and have gone even further to recommend us to their friends. This is due to the fact that we handle every task thrown at us with a lot of professionalism and seriousness it deserves.
  • Eco-friendly procedures – all the chemicals that we use in the course of our work are safe and don’t pose any threat to the environment.

Competitive Pricing

Short Notice Availability

Vetted & Certified Cleaners

Proven Professionalism

Eco-Friendly Procedures

“Quick, efficient, and fuss-free. The carpets came up beautifully and very reasonably priced. I would highly recommend this company wholeheartedly. They won’t disappoint.”

Why it is important to pick a good Cleaning Service company?

Ok! Imagine this: you are having friends over these weekend but your carpet is all filthy – thanks to your kids’ games – or your dog running across it with dirty paws – or maybe you accidentally dropped a glass of wine on it. It would be stressful, right? Well, it shouldn’t be with us just a call away! See, with our years of experience, we have the ability and are ready to take on the grime and the toughest stains stuck on your carpet. Let’s save you from the embarrassment of having to explain every stain in your carpet to your friends, or from going through so much trouble of trying to hide the stained patches under the sofa. We know how to make these stains disappear leaving your carpet as eye-catching as it was when buying it – pretty sure that’s why you bought it in the first place, you know, looking so clean that it caught your attention.

We are Newcastle Best Cleaning Company since 1989!

See, as a company, the quality of our workmanship enables us to give our clients the best, which guarantees their return. Also, the expertise and professionalism of our cleaners contribute a great deal to ensuring that our work standards are unmatched in the industry, helping us stand out from the competition.

Moreover, we have experience in cleaning different fabrics under different properties and conditions. We can steam clean, dry clean, or clean with cold water any type of fabric out there, regardless of its condition and the date it was cleaned last.

All our fabric cleaning specialists, from the trainees to the experienced and the experts, are continuously subjected to different kinds of fabric cleaning just to ascertain their experience knowledge level, and to also prepare them for any form of cleaning our clients may require in the future.

This has enabled us to excel in every form of cleaning in our industry, and has also helped guarantee all our clients that regardless of the cleaner you book for your cleaning task, their work will be impeccable.

Everything that we do is aimed at making sure that you, our client, receive the best carpet cleaning service, and that these services come with a certain element of uniqueness compared to services you would receive elsewhere. We operate round the clock, so you can get in touch with us at any given time and we will gladly help.


Customer satisfaction is our top priority.
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